Apply for a scholarship

At Meridian Bilingual Primary School we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer funded scholarship places for pupils in the school year 2021/22. The scholarship is offered with considerably more favourable conditions than usually.

We have great news!

After a long wait and a lot of effort, we have finally found a sponsor, who has agreed to provide 8 pupils with the opportunity to attend the new and modern bilingual primary school with fantastic conditions. With this offer a sponsor accepts half of the monthly fee, which is usually €792,-, resulting in a total monthly fee of €396,- for the full 4 years of schooling / the entire school period.
This scholarship is a unique opportunity for all children who thrive in multilingual and international environments, and are also excited to master both languages German and English at a native level. Meridian Bilingual Primary School is a fantastic place for that!

The deadline for school admissions is 31st of June 2021.

What are the requirements?

The conditions for the application and the following admission to the Meridian are simple:
– the child is 6 years of age by June 31, 2021
– SRT (School Readiness Test) for school enrolment
– German language skills at a native speaker level
– basic understanding of the English language is of an advantage

Extent of the sponsorship

50% off the monthly school fees (€792,-) resulting in a monthly fee of €396,- (12x pro Jahr).

Duration of scholarship

The scholarship extends over the entire school period of one child entering Meridian primary school in September 2021.

Who is this scholarship for?

  • For children who are ready to start enrolment in September 2021
  • Dedicated and motivated pupils
  • from families with German as their mother tongue or common language
  • as well as bilingual households with English / German in their everyday communication
  • and also families with German and another language as their first language
  • and not to forget bilingual kindergartens where English and German are used equally
  • all children, who are eligible for German and English as their language of instruction from the 1st grade onwards.

Further information

NO financial evidence is required before the payment is made. Financial destitution is NOT a requirement for receiving the scholarship place. In addition to the formal criteria, what counts is the child’s determination and enthusiasm.