At Meridian International School, we strive to bring a diverse, inclusive, and caring environment into the forefront of the learning experience, as well as a well-rounded educational basis to enrich the lives of our students.

Not only will we learn new skills and practice new techniques, we will also approach learning in a holistic way, remembering that our young learners trust us to remember that they are individuals whose needs, abilities, and well-being demand our respect and guidance in order to fully blossom.

We welcome you to join us in exploring a variety of new experiences with passionate instructors dedicated to enriching the minds and bodies of the future!

  • Semester starts: 5th of October 2020
  • Semester ends: 31st of January 2021
  • Holidays: 27th of October 2020 – 1st of November 2020, 24th of December 2020 – 6th of January 2021


Language Club Play Groups for kids 3-5 y.o. and 6-10 y.o.

ENGLISH OR GERMAN (to your choice) (2 DAYS per WEEK)EUR 187,-/per month
ENGLISH OR GERMAN (to your choice) (1 DAY per WEEK)EUR 122,-/per month
WELCOME KIT FOR PLAY GROUPS (mandatory)EUR 50,- (onetime)



Language acquisition does not only happen in the classroom, it happens with daily practice in a variety of contexts. At M.I.S., we offer our German or English Language Club as an invitation to explore the language in a comfortable, flexible, supportive environment, all while having fun in these CLIL-and-TPR-inspired learning clubs.

With our young learners, our 3-5-year-olds, we will explore the building blocks of communication and develop confidence in making mistakes as part of the learning process. Play and movement as well as creativity will allow for your little one to integrate the German or English language into their daily lives.

For our students of primary school age, we offer the opportunity to broaden their horizons beyond the standard school curriculum of German or English language learning. This club is perfect for those seeking additional support in German or English or those who would like to explore a variety of topics and situations while developing their language proficiency as well as their confidence.

The sibling discount is 10% for the second child and 5% for any additional child.
Direct debit authorisation for monthly payments is mandatory.