School year 2021/22

Pedagogues team – 1A class

Dipl. Päd. Fransiska Nørgaard Schwarzbauer

Class teacher

  • Dipl. Päd. Fransiska Nørgaard Schwarzbauer has 15 years of experience as an educator in the Austrian education system. During this time, she taught in several public and international schools in Vienna in a variety of pedagogical roles.

  • She was raised bilingual, with German and Danish as her native tongues. She excels in the area of primary education, is educated in diverse subjects, and has years of experience in the Austrian school system.

  • She completed her degree in education with a focus on art education and Scandinavian literature at the “University College Copenhagen UCC”.

  • There followed several advanced training courses, including but not limited to a course for painting and sculpture in 2000-2001 at the Billedskolen, as well as a course for alternative pedagogy at Waldorf Wien.

Beth Radford

Englisch Native Speaker Pädagogin

  • Beth Radford is an English native speaker from LaGrange, Georgia with nearly 10 years of experience in the Austrian school system.

  • She has worked with children and youths of all ages, from kindergarten through Matura during the time she has dedicated to her career in education.

  • Working in both private and public schools as either a native speaker or teaching assistant, she has had the unique opportunity to work within a variety of learning environments and to witness different styles of learning.

  • She has a background in psychology and sexual pedagogy, which brings into focus the well-being of children as people rather than just students.

  • Additionally, she was recognized by the Bildungsdirektion of Vienna in 2019 for her dedication and service as a pedagogue.