Learning Experience - Meridian Bilingual Primary School


Our education concept is the common theme in the Meridian International School. It provides the foundation upon which our social, pedagogical, didactic and corporate enterprise builds. We are aware that a concept is only as good as its implementation in a school and in corporate life – that’s why we do everything we can to live it daily.

We focus all our efforts towards our students and their needs to help them learn more successfully. The following building blocks form the basis of our philosophy:

The international environment at the Meridian International School enables students to achieve a high level of learning that they enjoy and can be proud of.

Teachers from different teaching and learning cultures demonstrate different approaches and solutions, and using a variety of methods, we address different types of learning. We believe that the appropriate use of modern technology supports and enriches the teaching and learning processes.

The lesson content is based on the Austrian state curriculum for preschools and elementary schools, to which we add international components.

The students at Meridian International School are encouraged to realize their potential, and learn that it is possible to push their own limits. All the while, and with great patience and care, we stay in constant dialogue with the parents about the development and learning process of the students.