Music and singing are some of the very first ways we learn about emotion and expression and they continue to have influence throughout our lives. Whether it is a song hummed to us as infants or a favorite beat blasting on our best day, we connect through the vibrations, the tones, the community, the connectivity of music. From nursery rhymes to symphonies to rap, rock, and beyond, there is a universe of music to be explored!

With our young learners, 3-5 years old, we will focus on the more playful aspect of music by learning to play simple instruments, identifying sounds, learning to harmonize, and learning to simply let our voices be heard! We hope to find the songbird within each child and encourage them to fly!

For our older learners, ages 6-10, we will delve into music theory while also practicing our memorization skills, among others. Although we will be learning to sing existing songs, we will also encourage the exploration of self-expression and music creation. We will look within to find what makes us feel the music and we will strive to bring it out into the world.

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