Art as a tool of self-expression should be both fun and enriching; it should open our eyes as well as our hearts and minds to the wealth of beauty around us. The opportunity for seeing and experiencing the world differently through art education is now available at MIS, where we will use a variety of techniques to build our practice of exploration.

For our young learners, 3-5 years old, we offer the simplicity of creative freedom, while also learning the shapes, colors, and techniques which are the building blocks of art education. While we strive to offer every child the tools they may need, our priority is the individualization of the experience of creating art. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder-or creator!

For our school-aged students, 6-10 years old, we take the building blocks of creating art and expand our horizons. We focus on interpreting the possible meanings of art as well as creating meaning within our own masterpieces. The vibrant inner worlds of our students will emerge as each child develops the confidence in their expression and form, and, most importantly, in themselves.

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